Darren became interested in photography during a six-month trip to Africa in 1996. It was there he fell in love with the process of communicating visually. He spent the following years honing his skills in commercial studios, photojournalism and in 1999 attended the Rocky Mountain School of Photography. In 2000, Darren moved to Bend, Oregon where he worked with National Geographic published photographer, Ric Ergenbright. Some of Darren’s images are published in Ric’s book, “Think About These Things”. The last five years have been filled with many trips to Europe that has evolved into a passion of sharing the beauty, uniqueness and intricate detail of Italy. Today, Darren focuses on creating limited edition museum quality photographs of this wonderful and timeless country. “I strive to go beyond Italian photographs that merely document a location to images that allow the viewer to subjectively feel and experience a scene (through light, texture, pattern, color and motion) as I did. My goal is to create a New Vision of the Old World”.

A New Vision of the Old World

Originally from North Dakota, Darren now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife Korissa (a professional singer who shares his love of travel and artistic expression) and their sons Emerson and Everett. Darren’s portfolio of United States images is ever expanding and equally as engaging as his Italian collection. His work has been published in numerous calendars, book covers, magazines and annual reports. His limited edition photographs can also be found in countless private and corporate collections and are featured in prestigious fine art shows across the nation. Whether Darren is photographing in the Badlands of North Dakota, along the shoreline of Lake Superior in Minnesota, or atop a Tuscan hill town in “Old World” Italy, he will continue pursuing his goal of creating “New Visions”. “Thank you for your interest in Darren Olson Photography. All artistic and technical decisions – from the moment the photograph is taken to the final printing process – are made to produce the most compelling and creative work-of-art. I trust you will thoroughly enjoy my photographs in your home. I thank God for allowing me to photograph the beauty of His world and to share it with you. Please feel free to contact me personally – I’d love to hear from you.”